发布时间 : 2015-11-20新加坡国立大学季伟教授来中心做学术交流

学术交流题目:Nonlinear Optics with Advanced Materials

主讲人:Prof. Wei Ji
Department of Physics
National University of Singapore
Nonlinear optics was born in 1961, only one year after the invention of the laser. Since then, nonlinear optical phenomena have found a wide range of applications. To realize viable technological applications, materials with strong nonlinear optical properties are the key. Recent advances in two-dimensional materials (2DMs) and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) have offered new types of materials. In this talk, we focus on their nonlinear optical responses when they are excited by processes of multiphoton absorption. As example [1, 2], we present our fundamental studies on two-photon absorption in graphene. And we discuss the implication to their application to mode-locking operations for generating short laser pulses. In addition, we report both multiphoton-excited photoluminescence and third-harmonic generation from metal-oxide frameworks [3]. Their potentials are demonstrated for light frequency converters and nonlinear-optical devices.