发布时间 : 2017-07-05学术讲座:Refractive Nonlinearities: Basics and Characterization

主讲人: Wei Ji, National University of Singapore

讲座时间:2017.7.7 上午9:30


Abstract: This talk is targeted at researchers who utilize high-power lasers to characterize nonlinear optical phenomena, in particular, nonlinear refraction in materials. It begins with an introduction to nonlinear optics and basic physics for bound electronic nonlinear refraction, excited-state nonlinear refraction, saturable nonlinear refraction, free carrier nonlinear refraction, and thermo-optical effect. The talks focus on three characterization techniques: namely, (1) beam distortion, (2) closed-aperture Z-scan, and (3) optical Kerr effect. The advantages and drawbacks of these characterization techniques are discussed. A number of examples are illustrated.