发布时间 : 2017-07-10学术讲座:Multiphoton Absorption in MoS2 and its Application in Near Infrared Photo Detection

主讲人: Wei JiNational University of Singapore

讲座时间:2017.7.13 上午9:30


Abstract:Recent years, two-dimensional materials have emerged as one of the potential candidates for next generation optoelectronic devices. These materials exhibit unique physical properties which give rise to device performance that outperform their bulk counterparts. In this talk, we will focus on one of these physical properties, i.e. multiphoton absorption, and explore its applications to subband photo detection. Based on quantum perturbation theories, we develop theoretical models to predict the magnitude and spectrum of multiphoton absorption in two dimensional semiconductors, for the first time. We find that two-dimensional excitons play an essential role in the giant multiphoton absorption. Our models are validated by multiphoton induced photocurrent measurements in a MoS2 device, which also demonstrates the applicability of multiphoton absorption in MoS2 for subband photodetection.These results have been published recently in Laser & Photonics Reviews.