Welcome to Collaborative Innowation Centre

In June 2014, signed in Shenzhen, Shenzhen University and National University of Singapore to set up a "photoelectric science and technology collaborative innovation Center" Memorandum determined jointly set up Shenzhen University-National University of Singapore technology collaborative innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as photovoltaic technology collaborative innovation Center).In January 2016, Rutgers University and Shenzhen University, through friendly consultations, agreed to join the "photoelectric science and technology collaborative innovation Center", and signed a joint memorandum of agreement reached in March of the same year.

Establishment of the technology collaborative innovation Center has a significance in three respects: first, in the scientific sense, international cooperation is an important measure of future technological development;Second, from the deep, deep through international cooperation can achieve leap-style development;For the big three, the new country through the development of the platform, extending its development is of great significance.This strengthening of Shenzhen University innovation synergies between the exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, improve the scientific research level of Shenzhen University, and other aspects of cooperation with Shenzhen high-tech industry has far-reaching significance.

At present, the technology collaborative innovation Center has a number of reasonable age structure, experienced, innovative research personnel.Research team studying a total of 52 persons (Shenzhen University 41, 11 were foreign).Research team has high level, including China engineering hospital academician 1 name, Singapore Science College academician 1 name, Asia-Pacific material Academy of Sciences academician 1 name, 973 plans project Chief Scientist 1 name, Yangtze River scholars distinguished Professor 1 name, national outstanding Youth Fund winner 3 name, new century millions talent engineering talent 1 name, national excellent Youth Fund winner 1 name, national youth thousand people 5 name, Ministry of education new century talent 3 name, Pearl River scholars 1 name, research personnel all has Dr degree;Postdoctoral fellow at the station more than 50 graduate more than 50 people.Laboratory has ND glass high power laser system, and high power in the infrared laser produced and the zoom system, and wide band spectrum measurement and analysis system, and microwave photon technology, and vortex spin light communications system, and chemical gas phase deposition system, and multifunctional Raman spectrometer, and Leica microscope, and double particles beam sputtering film deposition system, large instrument equipment 60 Yu sets, which imports equipment for 30 more than Taiwan (sets), fixed assets about more than 50 million Yuan.Cover from preparation of materials, structure and characterization of photoelectric properties and application research, and formed a system of complete scientific research platform and training base.The past three years, photoelectric science and technology collaborative innovation Center has access to research projects and project financing of nearly total funding nearly billion yuan, covering the National Foundation of major projects, key projects, projects, projects for youth;State major science and technology projects, 863 and 973 projects all national issues.More than 20 patents, high level scientific research papers published over 500 papers.