At present, the Collaborative Laboratory is divided into seven scientific research laboratories: Advanced Materials Photonics Laboratory, microwave Photonics and optical Communication Laboratory, electrical Measurement Laboratory, spectral Analysis laboratory, rare earth Photoelectric testing laboratory, laser technology and Applied Research Laboratory, and ultrafast and Non-linear Photonics Laboratory.




 At present, the Collaborative Laboratory has a nd glass high-power laser system, high-power middle-infrared laser production and amplification system, wide-band spectral measurement and analysis system, microwave photon technology, vortex optical communication system, chemical vapor deposition system (tubular furnace CVD,PECVD), confocal spectral system, Leica Microscope, Semiconductor electrical characterization System, two-particle beam sputtering thin film deposition system, such as large equipment more than 40 sets, more than 1 million large equipment 11 sets, equipment value of more than 49 million yuan.It covers the research needs of material preparation, structure and photoelectric characterization and application, and forms a complete system of scientific research platform and talent training base.