Vision & Mission

 Introduction of fan Dianyuan in March 2013, Shenzhen University, academician of the team.Team June 2014 Fei, academician of joint core team set up the Shenzhen University-National University of Singapore National University of Singapore technology collaborative innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as photovoltaic technology collaborative innovation Center).Photoelectric science and technology collaborative innovation Center since its inception, in Shenzhen and school support, experimental conditions reach the domestic advanced level of similar subjects, have the capacity to undertake various State-level scientific research tasks.

Photoelectric science and technology collaborative innovation Center to pursue scientific research frontiers, responding to major national strategic needs, committed to the two-dimensional material electro-optical high-tech innovation and applied research in the field, emphasizes the original innovative technology research and development, has made gratifying achievements.So far, photoelectric Collaborative Innovation Center include the National Science Foundation project, National Foundation for key projects, national major projects, 863, including more than 10 State-level scientific research projects, academic journals at home and abroad included high level SCI papers published over 500 papers.

Technology Collaborative Innovation Center, placing emphasis on research team and domestic and international academic exchanges, has been formed to youth as the main, active, vibrant research community.Now studying Chinese already have 19 people, including the Chinese Academy of engineering academician 1 person, Jay green 3, thousands of youth 5, blue 1, 6 professors, researchers all have a doctoral degree.Collaborative Innovation Center with many domestic and foreign top universities and research institutions have good relations of cooperation.Meanwhile, for the country and society has trained many outstanding talents, and now postdoctoral fellow at the station more than 50 graduate more than 50 people.

"Collaborative innovation" and "globalization" is a necessary requirement for the development of higher education and science and technology and trends.Photoelectric science and technology collaborative innovation Center will be "national needs, world class" as the starting point and destination, international joint laboratory is committed to creating a world-class, global open research platform and industry-leading innovation-driven development platform for business cooperation.