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Release Time : 2017-12-29Shenzhen University-Wenzhou University academic Exchange Seminar


Nano-structured carbon materials research

This exchange seminar mainly introduces the controllable growth, structure characterization, structure and properties of nano-structured carbon materials including carbon nanotubes, graphene and carbon quantum dots, and their applications in energy storage, DNA sequencing, sensing and biological imaging.


Huang Shaoming, Professor of Wenzhou University, winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund.He was a Ph. D. from Nankai University in 1991, and 1991-1993 Nanjing University Ph. D., after being an associate professor at Nanjing University.1996-2005 successively studied at the University of Sussex, the Australian Federal Institute of Science and Industry (CSIRO) and Duke University of America.March 2005 returned to Nanjing University professor, Bo Guide, the same year in September to serve Wenzhou University.It is devoted to the research of nano-structure functional materials including nanostructured carbon materials, metal nanomaterials and inorganic light functional materials.It has been published in international academic journals since 1999, including Nat.Mater., Jacs, Angew.Chem.Int.Ed., PRL, ADV.Mater., the Nano-Lett., ACS Nano and more than 180 papers, of which the impact factor is greater than 3.0 of 121 (including 22 articles greater than 10).Cited by Sci 6,500 times, H index 42.Since his tenure at Wenzhou University, he has presided over 973 preliminary projects, 863 projects, outstanding youth funds, and the Fund Committee's key aspects and so on.Awarded the Second Prize of Scientific Research Excellence Award of the Ministry of Education, 1, Zhejiang Science and Technology Award Second Prize 2.