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Release Time : 2017-12-29Collaborative Laboratory Party Branch meeting

The party branch of CPC Joint laboratory held the General Committee meeting in 223 conference room on June 29 14:30.When the meeting was held, all the members of the Conference went back to the oath ceremony of joining the party.


The grass-roots branch is the party's grass-roots organization, it is the basis of exerting the party's decision-making function, it unites and condenses the masses from the thought and politics, it is the decisive force to carry out the party's policy.In the new historical situation, the party branch should constantly adapt to the development of the new situation in the daily work, constantly innovate ideas and keep pace with the times.In the course of the meeting, all the party members actively participated in the discussion and discussed how to carry out the scientific research teaching activities under the new situation.


Scientific research Unit is an important group of national sustainable development, how to mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses of party members and workers, to ensure the successful completion of scientific research teaching activities, is an important standard to test the effectiveness of the party organization.


At the end of the meeting, all the participating party members took a photo under oath.