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Release Time : 2017-12-29Collaborative Laboratory 2017 National Natural Science Foundation funded projects to achieve a major breakthrough

Recently, the National Natural Science Foundation of China announced the 2017 National Natural Science Fund Application project evaluation results, Shenzhen University has been funded 266 projects, compared with the same period last year, 67, the subsidy rate of 28.69%, far higher than the state funding rate.The number of subsidized projects was ranked after Zhongshan University, the 2nd place in Guangdong Province.Direct funding for the project is 103.1007 million yuan, the first direct funding breakthrough 100 million yuan.

The Collaborative Laboratory was supported by 12 projects, including 11 Youth Science Foundation projects and 1 projects in the area.Project covers the photoelectric technology and new materials, such as interdisciplinary research forefront of important areas, reflecting a better scientific research foresight and feasibility, direct funding sum of 3.31 million yuan.It is reported that from March 1, 2017 to March 20 when the project application centralized reception, the National Natural Science Fund Committee received a total of 190840 project applications.According to the National Natural Science Foundation regulation and the National Natural Science Fund related management method, after the expert appraisal and the Committee meeting approval, decides the subsidy surface project and so on total 40265 items, the subsidy rate is 21.09%.