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Release Time : 2017-12-29CPC Committee member, Shenzhen Municipal party secretary Wang Wei, I Joint laboratory research

September 9 morning, Guangdong Provincial party committee, Shenzhen Municipal party secretary Wang Weizhong a line to my joint laboratory research.Shenzhen Municipal Party committee, secretary General Guo Yonghai, deputy mayor of Shenzhen Municipal government, party members high from the people, Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Secretary of Education, the city bureau director Zhang Kihong, Shenzhen University School party secretary Liu Hongyi, President Li Qingquan and other accompanying research.

Wang Weizhong pointed out that Shenzhen as a local university, accompanied by the development of the city of Shenzhen to grow, for Shenzhen transport a large number of outstanding talents, a good service to the Shenzhen people, has achieved extensive social impact.He said that in order to keep in mind Comrade Xiaoping's earnest commitment to the development of Shenzhen University, the Shenzhen University must be well done.He asked the Shenzhen University to do a good job in ideological politics, teaching, scientific research and personnel training.We should make good use of geo-advantages, give full play to the advantages of special subjects, increase cooperation in research and production, and speed up building first-class universities.Wang Weizhong said that the city will continue to increase its support to Shenzhen University, speed up the process of building a first-class university in Shenzhen, and achieve a higher level of promotion.