Guoping Wang

Degree:Ph. D.


Office:810#,C Building,South Campus of Shenzhen University 




Research areas/interests

1. optical Metamaterials and hyper-surface;

2. Nano-Photonic devices and integrated Plasmonics;

3. optical superresolution imaging and biological characteristics;

4. fine fine Nano-structured-light sensors;

5. optical detection of ultrafast dynamics of micro-and nano-structure;

6. optical, thermal and electrical properties of nano-materials application and devices

Brief Biography

Male, PhD, national outstanding Youth Fund winners and enjoy special allowance of the State Council, elected to the Ministry of education for new century excellent talents, national leaders in Shenzhen, Shenzhen University Distinguished Professor.Sichuan University PhD, postdoc at Osaka University, Tokyo Institute of technology, Hong Kong University of science and technology, Nanyang Technological University, a visiting scholar, former Professor of Wuhan University, secondary, luojia scholar Professor.Were awarded the second prize of national natural science award in Hubei Province natural science prize, the second prize of national excellent teaching award, outstanding teaching achievement award in Hubei Province, the Ministry of education the first national excellent University key teacher award and many other awards, the National Natural Science Foundation of information science Department, Department of Mathematical Sciences College of experts members guide doctoral students won the 2009 and 2010 National Award for outstanding doctoral thesis nominated.Chaired national outstanding Youth Fund, national scientific research plan project, National Fund for key projects, education projects, such as new century excellent talents in more than 20.Optical materials, optical superresolution imaging and sensing, optical stealth, Nano-Photonics and other frontier areas a number of innovative research results, SCI published 90 papers, including Nature Commun, Phys.Rev.Lett.、Phys.Rev.B(Rapid Commun)、Appl.Phys.Lett.、Opt.Lett.、Opt Exp.And the Nanoscale, and Scientific Reports more than 50 invited to more than 20 international academic conference report.As the only invitees, with countries such as the us, Europe and Japan scientists English monograph Plasmonic Nanoguides and co-authored one of the Circuits.Research by including Nobel Prize winners,American Academy of engineering, the German Academy of Sciences, an internationally renowned scientist in Rev.Mod.Phys.、Phys.Rep.、Chem.Rev.、Nat.Mater.、Nat.Photon.And other 20 papers Review and Nature, Phys.Rev.Lett.Research papers on the positive evaluation and reference 1 papers chosen by the optical society of America for nearly 10 years to the best of one of 20 papers, research highlights, many achievements were, respectively, as magazine, research news or being evaluated for significant progress, pioneering work.

Current Projects

1、Zi-Lan Deng, Shuang Zhang, and G. P. Wang*,Wide-angled off-axis achromatic metasurfaces for visible light. Opt. Exp. 24(20), 23118-23128 (2016)
2、X. L. Lin, C. W. Hsu, and G. P. Wang*, Frequency-selective omni-directional scattering of light by weakly disordered periodic planar arrays of dielectric particles. Opt. Exp. 24(20), 23136-23145 (2016)
3、Zi-Lan Deng, Tao Fu, Zhengbiao Ouyang, and G. P. Wang*, Trimeric metasurfaces for independent control of bright and dark modes of Fano resonances Applied Physics Letters 108, 081109 (2016)
4、Zi-Lan Deng, Shuang Zhang, and G. P. Wang*, A facile grating approach towards broadband,wide-angle and high-efficiency holographic metasurfaces Nanoscale 8, 1588 (2016)
5、K. D. Wu, Q. L. Cheng, and G. P. Wang*, Fourier analysis: from cloaking to imaging. J. Opt. 5, (Invited Review) (2016)

Selective publications