Yiping Wang

Degree:Ph. D.


Office:238#,School of Opto-electronic engineering College of Shenzhen University 




Research areas/interests

Fiber-optic sensing technology, fbg, micro-and nano-Photonic devices, Femto-second laser micro-processing, Photonic crystal fibers

Brief Biography

Male, PhD, born in 1971 in Chongqing;In 1995, Xi'an Institute of Technology Bachelor's degree in precision instruments;Master of precision instruments and machinery at Chongqing University 2000;2003 PhD in optical engineering, Chongqing University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University postdoctoral fellow;2005 the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, postdoctoral fellow;2007 German Institute of Photonic technology Jena (IPHT), Humboldt fellow (Humboldt Fellow);2009 University of Southampton, UK, EU Marie Curie scholars (Marie Curie Fellow);2012 appointed distinguished professor at Shenzhen University, formed the "fiber-optic sensing technology research team", "fiber-optic sensing technology joint research center of Guangdong Province" (Director) and "Shenzhen key laboratory of networking devices and sensor systems" (Director).In 2012 appeared in Guangdong Province, "scholar Professor of the Pearl River, in 2014 selected winners of the National Science Fund for distinguished young scholars in 2016, election to the national" plan "Science and technology innovation leading talent, opto-electronic engineering College of Shenzhen University, national outstanding youth, national" plan "Science and technology innovation leading talent.Using the CO2 laser for the first time in the air-core Photonic bandgap fibers (air-core Photonic bandgap fibers) was written in long-period fiber grating (Y.Wang, et al., Opt.Express 16, 2784-2790, 2008), the outcome was j.Appl.Phys.2010 108 (8) chosen as the cover image highlighting.High levels of academic papers published 126 (SCI 76 papers, SCI total refers to more than 700, h-index is 15), co-author of the theory and application of Fiber Bragg grating Monograph 1.2 papers as a key news reports by Photonics Spectra.2010 is the international authoritative journal j.Appl.Phys.Invited review papers writing Fiber Bragg grating (Review of long period fiber gratings written by CO2 laser), and was selected for the magazine article.10 times was invited to address the international academic conference on the special report, the branch President and the TPC.

Current Projects
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